Norbulk Shipping 20th Annual Seminar

On the 14th of September, a selection of staff from our good Company and some of our Owners, descended upon the scenic Maza Gilda in Riga for the 20th Annual Norbulk Seminar. This was a great opportunity for office staff to attend and get involved in the presentations and workgroups throughout the day, and meet with some of our crew members. The event was very well attended, as always, by many of our seafarers who were welcomed by some of the attending Norbulk staff. For many of the crew, and Norbulk staff, the Seminar was not a new experience however there were some attending for the very first time.

As has become traditional the opening the seminar was provided by HMM Director Aleksandrs Goridjko and was a chance for him to officially welcome the attendees. Company Director Magnus Karlsen then addressed those present with a fascinating presentation on the considerations of strong budget compliance both in terms of our vessels and the Company’s operations. The customary Norbulk Safety Summary followed with QA & ISM Manager Artiom Guzar, who used the opportunity to highlight the Company’s targets, and the tools deployed, in order to ensure Norbulk vessels, crew and staff prioritise personal safety and that of the vessel and fellow crew as well as restating the Norbulk mission to operate in the safest possible manner. One of the key elements of this mission is strong leadership and communication which led seamlessly into the morning’s presentations by guest speaker Eric Green and DPA Valeriy Povazhnyy who both discussed the importance of leadership, communication and  a strong safety culture on board. Both speakers conducted very interesting sessions with lively Q&A’s afterwards.

As always after lunch, the seafarers then took part in one of two targeted work groups. The groups this year were split Tanker and Non Tanker crew. The work groups were not vessel specific and were focused on Cultural Understanding, which was delivered by Eric Green, and the second which focused on the importance of planning and risk assessment which was presented by guest speakers from UK based Company Check-6. Upon conclusion of the work groups the day was wrapped up and all crew were thanked warmly for their attendance and any questions which they wished to raise were answered where possible. The crew and staff then either dispersed to their pre-planned Owners presentations or were welcomed to attend a tour of the beautiful and interesting old town of Riga.  

As people then began to arrive for the evening event this gave the opportunity for staff and crew to speak in a less formal manner, and to get to know each other a little better.  Once everyone had arrived we began the Annual Awards presentation, where Owners and Senior Norbulk staff take the opportunity to recognize and praise our long serving crew and office staff. There was also a special presentation for Norbulk Director Peter Karlsen, who was celebrating a milestone birthday. The evening festivities then got going with the band entertaining those in attendance, with dancing and laughter carrying on into the night.

As all in attendance would agree yet another successful Seminar in 2017 and we hope our staff and seafarers can’t wait until next year to do it all over again.

Norbulk Administrator