Norbulk Shipping takes home the Safety4Sea Dry Bulk Operator of The Year Award for 2018

We are incredibly proud to announce that, on the 2nd of October, Norbulk Shipping held off our competition to win the Safety4Sea Dry Bulk Operator Award 2018. 

This success was a huge honour considering the high standard of the Companies that we were up against and is a reflection on everyone involved with Norbulk, and the effort and professionalism with which they conduct their work in order to make Norbulk the best, and safest environment that it can possibly be. 

The safety of our seafarers and staff is Norbulks number one priority and as such we will continue to improve our procedures and culture, both ashore and on board, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of being a zero incident operator.

Our staff and crew member's are at the forefront of this process and should be praised and thanked for the dedication that they show to the overall safety culture of our Norbulk family.

Norbulk Administrator