We are continuously recruiting staff for jobs at sea in all ranks as well as onshore jobs within our various offices. 


European-based Seafarers Application

To apply for Officer positions please complete the form below from our partners Hanza Marine Management based in Riga, Lativa.


Philippines-based Seafarers Applications

To apply for ratings positions please complete the form below from Norbulk Pacific based in Manila, Philippines.


For all on shore vacancies please send your CV to



Norbulk Shipping will not charge for any job applications either sea or shore based. Unfortunately, fraudulent companies have been targeting the marine industry posing as recruiters or ship managers. All applicants should double check that the email that they have received or are writing to is from the correct company domain name. For example:

All seafarers interested in employment with a Norbulk company should ensure any contact is made directly with a bona fide Norbulk office. The correct contact details & application form can be found on this website.