Dec 2017

Norbulk completes takeover of five handysize bulk carriers during Nov - Dec 2017.

Sep 2017

Norbulk crew, staff and clients attend the 20th annual seminar held in Riga, Latvia. Throughout the week workshops are held to discuss leadership, crew safety and maintaining operational excellence.

Apr 2017

Norbulk is pleased to announce the agreement to undertake full technical management of an additional four container vessels.

Aug 2016

Norbulk reaches agreement to undertake technical management of an additional 5 reefer vessels.

May 2016

Norbulk becomes the first ship manager to successfully convert onboard refrigeration plant to run on environmentally acceptable R407F.
Apr 2016

Norbulk is pleased to welcome a further entry of container vessels under management.
Dec 2015

The last of 15 new chemical tankers enters into Norbulk management.
Sep 2015

 Norbulk welcomes into management a new Owner with a developing handy size tanker fleet.

Aug 2015

The Golden Oak, a Norbulk managed tanker commences her operation to assist in the recovery of fuel oil from a WW2 vessel the RFA Darkdale, a WW2 RFA tanker vessel which was sunk by a German U boat off the coast of St Helena;

Jul 2015

Norbulk takes into management the last of five new bulk carriers under construction in China.

Jun 2015

Norbulk commences project to retrofit scrubbers to five handysize tankers. The hybrid PureSOx system will remove over 98% of SOx emissions from exhaust gases and up to 80% of particulates! A staggering environmental benefit, which also brings economical advantages when trading in low sulphur ECA/SECA zones with being able to operate on cheaper HFO.

Norbulk Scrubber Project

Apr 2015

Norbulk finalises management takeover of three reefer vessels for a new Owner.

Aug 2014

Norbulk takes into management the first of five new bulk carriers under construction in China.

Apr 2014

The first of several chemical tankers to enter into Norbulk management in 2014 is taken over in Turkey.

Jan 2014

Norbulk secures agreement to carry out technical oversight of an additional 15 chemical tankers.

Sep 2013

The plight of refugees fleeing conflict zones within the Middle East & North Africa has led to a rise in overcrowded vessels transiting the Mediterranean Sea. Tragic incidents have been well documented within the last year. In July 2013 a Norbulk tanker assists in rescue operation in Mediterranean Sea.


Aug 2013

BOX OF DELIGHTS... Norbulk welcomes into management a new owner with the take over of full technical management of their newly acquired container vessels. Throughout 2013 & beyond Norbulk will welcome a series of new container tonnage under full management.

May 2013


Norbulk's supervision team are pleased to be awarded a further new building project. The Norbulk team will carry out the supervision of two Crown 63 design bulker units for a new owning client at China's Sinopacific ship yard. Further to completion of the project, Norbulk will carry out the full technical management for the efficient bulkers.

Mar 2013

Norbulk is delighted to announce this March the arrival of 2 reefer vessels under full technical management. 

Sep 2012

Norbulk welcomes another new owner into the fleet and the management of 3 of their bulk carriers.

Jun 2012

A long, long term owner awards Norbulk with management of a series of new reefer vessels. 

Norbulk welcomes a new owner 

Nov 2011

Norbulk is pleased to welcome a new owner into the fleet and the management of 3 of their chemical tankers which will trade globally.

Norbulk awarded additional reefer agreement

Jul 2011

It is with much delight that Norbulk can announce an agreement to take on additional ships with a long term partner. 

Norbulk adds series of chemical tankers

Jul 2011

Norbulk's technical management completes the addition of a series of chemical tankers. Again Norbulk are delighted to add a new owner to the fleet.

Norbulk delivers bulker

Jun 2011

Time to start earning, June saw the delivery of another new building bulker delivery and a seamless handover from the on site team to the management team...

Norbulk welcomes a new owner into the fleet

Mar 2011

Norbulk adds a new and expanding bulker owner to the fleet. Norbulk's services will be geared toward bringing and maintaining all of the owners vessels and future acquisitions to the highest standards.

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Feb 2011

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Norbulk welcomes 2 more bulkers into management.

Dec 2010

Two bulk carriers under Dutch ownership enter into the Norbulk fleet.

Norbulk's site supervision team gain chemical tanker project

Oct 2010

Norbulk's experience in on site supervision, and in particular those posed by Chinese yards has helped the on site team secure a further project to relish.

The first in new series of bulkers launches.

Sep 2010

To add to a very active September the first of several bulker carriers is launched. Norbulk's site team again in action in China, monitoring all new build phases to the deliveries. Upon delivery all vessels will be managed by Norbulk's ship management operations.

10 out of 10. Norbulk completes final delivery!

Sep 2010

Norbulk's site team have really delivered, the last in the series of the ten product tankers launches. We would like to thank everyone involved in carrying this project all the way through to its close. 

More into Management

Feb 2010

Norbulk agrees management deal for 6 bulk carriers.

Norbulk takes delivery!

Jan 2010

Nine down, one to go -
Norbulk's site team deliver nineth product tanker from Chinese yard.

Annual Seminar

Sep 2009

To all officers and guests who attended an enjoyable and successful seminar weekend we would like to say a big thank you.